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How hard it is to talk about oneself !!!! What would you like to know? My sources of inspiration? Aboriginal art, African, words in all directions, music or rather rock'n'roll. With an electronic drift. My favorite painters: Basquiat of course, Soulages (aveyronnais always), Picabia, Schiele, Bacon. Fetish writers: Bukowski, Caryl Ferey ...

What I am looking for: to stay humble, to keep my line, to work with colors, to break down, to create visual sensations.

Nothing exists if one does not show one's work. Social networks serve as an approach, a showcase. But seeing, touching, exploring is the next level.

This is the reason for this book: to have a first desire in a setting. Let yourself be tempted. Artists need it: to live, of course, but above all because it is a formidable engine of confidence, a generator of creativity constantly renewed.

And I do not know you, but what a pleasure to have a work at home. Not a copy, not a repro. A real with the grain, the grain of madness sometimes.

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